Author Topic: Fifa corruption view from the outside world look like  (Read 1206 times)

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Fifa corruption view from the outside world look like
« on: May 28, 2015, 18:01:56 PM »
Fifa is just a hidden version of the Mafia all they want is power and money and like to be the center of everything corrupt.

protection money = you got to pay to show  live shows.

Extortion = suing people who show the logo without asking.

Bribe Payers Index = to tell teams to lose on purpose so they make money from bookies.

Political corruption = to tell everyone to look the other way to build on and take land off poor people and to make them homeless.

Taxation as theft = the price of hotel and food, drinks and living go up for all to suffer but governments and Fifa are exempt.

Jury tampering = if people find out about corruption bribes they hide evidence and pay everyone who looks in on the corrupted.

Money trail - Money loop = get a offshore bank with cheap tax and pay other people to hide the money so you have no link to it but still can use it for yourself.

Organized crime = everyone knows it's going on but will always look the other way and gets paid off or beaten up.

Revolutionary tax = pay other people to make money for fifa to supply  drugs, prostitution, betting, to high paid people.

Bid rigging = government pay more, get it in their city to make a tidy profit & look the other way with all illegal events ongoing.

Conflict of interest = every corrupt government want  in on it & to make more money & be center of everything bad but on the quiet.

Lobbying = politicians telling executive members no one will know about it and to be on the side with it going on.

Principal–agent problem = people in government crying when the event is not in there city so they cry wolf & get the legal law in.

Pay to play = to be involved & make money you have got to invest to be part off it, illegal going ons & backhanders.

Influence peddling = leaning on government officials to help with the corruption & to tell everyone things are above board & legal.

The easiest bit is to make sure the Transparency International & FCPA & fbi do not find out or Fifa is busted. Make new laws to cover up and find old laws to justify the act that happened i.e. get good lawyers that are very good and bribe them  like hell but don't overdo it.
I think that's about right

that's what looks like is going on right now