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How Information Grows- Tech Weekly Podcast
« on: July 07, 2015, 20:57:17 PM »
MIT's anti-disciplinarian maverick Cesar Hidalgo argues for a new way of looking at data which could fundamentally change how we understand the world

This week we dedicate the show to MIT professor Cesar Hidalgo, whose new book How Information Grows: The Evolution of Order from Atoms to Economies offers a radical new way of thinking about data. Can new ways of computing information change the world?
Data journalist James Ball asks what this means in practical terms and they race through everything from rethinking the global economy to new ways of visualising your inbox.

  I really enjoyed that podcast. My favorite part is when he talks about how data essentially survives.. strangely just like us it must reproduce. He explains data is stored on a hard drive and such.... which will only last, even if it is a pretty good one.. two decades. 
  So in order for it to "live" it must get shared and reproduced onto more hard drives and storage places. Metaphorically at least, data has a "soul" and lives on as a "ghost" on newer and newer storage places as long as it gets reproduced. 
  I also enjoyed the interesting view on how data flow is changing how humans experience and view the world around us. Just in the ability of data to increase the rates that people are being made famous alone,  profoundly affects how humans act and perceive. Very interesting.
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