Author Topic: Boeing, Italian Firm, Create Drone To Hack Into WiFi  (Read 1922 times)

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Boeing, Italian Firm, Create Drone To Hack Into WiFi
« on: July 27, 2015, 10:03:55 AM »
Boeing, Italian Firm, Create Drone To Hack Into WiFi

Posted By: Mark MelinPosted date: July 23, 2015 05:30:58 PMIn: TechnologyNo Comments
As technology companies and their consumer products clientele increasingly move society in a direction of a networked “internet of everything world,” that digitally connected world is becoming easier to hack as cyber criminals and intrusion technology out-paces the security software industry. 
Against this backdrop comes news that The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) and an Italian firm have developed a methodology of using drowns to remotely plant spyware into computers and smart-phones via WiFi and email conversations.

That drone in the sky could be planting a computer virus through your wireless network
Boeing, operating through its Insitu subsidiary, is working with the Hacking Team, an Italian firm that is building a drone that can fly within a safe distance of a WiFi coverage area and then implant spyware on a computer using the network. The revelation comes to light as Wikileaks released a massive data dump on spy agencies and their contractors developing various computer tracking methods. The story was also reported on

"We see potential in integrating your Wi-Fi hacking capability into an airborne system and would be interested in starting a conversation with one of your engineers to go over, in more depth, the payload capabilities including the detailed size, weight, and power specs of your Galileo System. Additionally, if you have any more marketing material you are willing to share with us prior to meeting, please let us know," an Insitu engineer said in a leaked email addressed to the Hacking Team.

Cyber spying is an international game
A statement from Wikileaks said noted that international surveillance companies are selling their goods to moretechnologically sophisticated countries around the world. “This industry is, in practice, unregulated. Intelligence agencies, military forces and police authorities are able to silently, and on mass, and secretly intercept calls and take over computers without the help or knowledge of the telecommunication providers. Users’ physical location can be tracked if they are carrying a mobile phone, even if it is only on stand by.”

Such cyber spying is not only being done to track foreign agents and terrorists, increasingly it is being used by governments to monitor their own populations. “When citizens overthrew the dictatorships in Egypt and Libya this year, they uncovered listening rooms where devices from Gamma corporation of the UK, Amesys of France, VASTech of South Africa and ZTE Corporation (SHE:000063) (OTCMKTS:ZTCOF) Corp of China monitored their every move online and on the phone.”