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Re: WikiLeaks PLAYBOY
« Reply #15 on: September 12, 2015, 08:14:39 AM »
Interesting when you say that cult leaders give very simple answers to questions when asked about their tasks, goals, efforts, and overall cause.

Judging from his interviews, the ones I have seen on video (YouTube, etc.), Julian Assange has a tendancy to stray from the actual subject, moving from a detail of the subject to the almost absolute of another subject. I sometimes found his answers to any questions by a sit down reporter, too long and quite off from what the reporter is actually in hope of achieving. But reporters always cover well and accept the answer and quite cleverly cut the conversation...if they are good that is. =)

Other reporters, those who are more interested in the subject altogether and interviewing a rebel with a cause, so to speak, don't bother to put Julian back on track...and part of that reason may be that it's just to darned difficult to restart him where he needs to be while answering or speaking.

I think one of the reasons cult leaders sometimes give short answers is because their answers are already engraved in their heads as though saving that one answer as his or her purpose will call attention to the obvious good of his or her intentions...leaving out the underlying truth that the purpose he or she projects has no solid and realistic direction, but with the short answer, remains a hope, a hyped up possibility that gives admirers something to believe in when all reality has failed them....and that new admiration for the unrealistic direction of a cult leader is a painful hidden discovery worse than reality.

JMHO of course.
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Re: WikiLeaks PLAYBOY
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2015, 01:15:00 AM »
I agree, giving short answers and just flipping around on other subjects is a good way to get around the obvious truth of the situation. I can't even stand to watch any Assange interviews these days to see this going on. 

  Giving short simple answers is a way to appear powerful too. It is like projecting an image that you have it all figured out and everything is simple, it is just the common people are too stupid to know this. 

  Cult follwers get addicted to this. They want simple powerful solutions to all of their perceived threats and problems. They want someone to do it all for them and they are willing to lay down all of their hopes and dreams on it. It is actually a very lazy form of activism. 

  Their leaders are not someone all powerful and effective though. They are usually someone just completely arrogant and self serving and capable of using everyone around them to fortify their scam and serve their needs.
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