Author Topic: Here’s how to deal with Mr Assange, according to Frederick Forsyth  (Read 2826 times)

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Frederick Forsyth

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Here’s how to deal with Mr Assange, according to Frederick Forsyth

IS it not sometimes an amusing exercise to imagine the letters one would love to write if only one were the Prime Minister?

PUBLISHED: 15:53, Thu, Aug 20, 2015 | UPDATED: 16:07, Thu, Aug 20, 2015

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is hiding away in the Ecuadorian embassy

I have one in mind.

To: His Excellency the Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador.

Your Excellency, You will be aware that some three years ago a refugee from British justice, against whom an arrest warrant had been lawfully issued, took refuge inside your embassy, protected by the diplomatic immunity of that building.
And you will further recall that your president Senor Correa went out of his way to grant shelter to the wanted man.

I refer to Mr Julian Assange.

Finally you will be aware that over the period the British taxpayer has incurred costs, via the monitoring police presence on the pavement outside your embassy, amounting to twelve million pounds sterling.
In all this time Her Majesty’s Government has not seen fit to respond to this blatantly unfriendly act by a government which is, after all, a guest in our country.

It is now however our intention to resolve this imbroglio.

Within the next calendar month the Republic of Ecuador will reimburse the British people this twelve million pounds or require Mr Assange to leave the embassy by the front door.
In the event that this calendar month expires with neither proposal fulfilled, Her Majesty’s Government will sever diplomatic relations with Ecuador and repossess the building of your present embassy which will cease to have diplomatic immunity.

At that point officers of the Metropolitan Police will enter the building and accomplish the arrest of Mr Assange.

I remain, Your Excellency, yours etc., David Cameron, Prime Minister

Now it could be that those huge intellects sitting in faraway Quito would actually prefer to shelter the scrofulous Mr Assange, facing a charge of rape in Sweden for the next five years until expiry, than to have relations with the UK.

It could also be that the entire Ecuadorian community in the UK might be consulted and come to the view that their own consular protections outweigh the safety of Master Assange.

Either way, the ball would be very firmly in the court of Ecuador and its doolally president.

But if Quito chose to provoke the Ecuadorian departure from London, would anyone notice?

There was a time, well within my lifetime, when this country would simply not tolerate being pushed around and humiliated by the like of a banana republic most of us can’t find on the map.