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This is a redacted copy of an email sent to Ecuadors foreign minister Ricardo Patino from President Rafael Correa in which he suspects Julian Assange of leaking information which outlines the contract between Ecuadors Intelligence agency and "Hacking Team"


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English Translation:

Subject line: Here it is clear that it is Assange who is leaking the information

The Public Prosecutor's Office ordered ARCOTEL to audit SENAIN (Front page - El Universo) The State  General Prosecutor's Office will not investigate Senain for the alleged acquisition of espionage equipment from the Italian company Hacking Team, as divulged in documents leaked by WikiLeaks. Yesterday, Galo Chiriboga said he had met with Secretary of Intelligence Rommy Vallejo, who assured him that there is no link whatsoever with such company. "What investigation can I carry out  if Senain tells me there is no contract with such company?" stated the prosecutor. 
The investigation would be initiated if the Controller were able to determine that a contract did exist  between the Ecuadorian Intelligence entity and the Italian company,  as claimed in documents revealed by the organization created by Julian Assange currently  under asylum protection inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (Expreso) The Prosecutor will ask Senain to allow journalists  to visit the installations so they can see for themselves; the Special Rapporteur for the International Commission on Human Rights has expressed concerns regarding the "spying claims;" (Front page - El Telegrafo) 

The Prosecutor's Office asks for an  audit regarding possible wire-tapping; (Front page -El Mercurio) Prosecutor to investigate suspected spying from Senain; (Front page -La Hora) Chiriboga will not investigate suspected government spying; (Front page-El Comercio) "Hacker" and spying services are freely available without restrictions on the Internet;