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Your Democracy [Canada]
« on: January 02, 2017, 02:36:22 AM »

What should be on Minister Maryam Monsef's list of New Years resolutions?
Justin Trudeau promised to change our unfair voting system. His government promised to consult Canadians and make an evidence-based decision.

 But instead of listening the Liberal government ignored the all-party committee's clear recommendation for proportional representation. Then, they then launched a rigged and discredited survey, that pollsters, pundits, and political scientists say is biased towards the government's preferred system and produces "unusable data".
It's like the Liberals are afraid to ask Canadians real questions because they'll get real answers. But Nathan Cullen, the NDP's Critic for Democratic Reform, is fighting to bring Canadians the voting system they want and deserve.

 So, in the spirit of the season, what do you think should be on Maryam Monsef's list of New Years resolutions?

 Take a minute to respond to the following five questions and NDP Democratic Reform Critic Nathan Cullen will share your input directly with Liberal Minister Maryam Monsef in the House of Commons.