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Stop Stingray surveillance
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:21:41 AM »

Put a stop to invasive Stingray surveillance

Stingrays (also known as “IMSI-catchers”) are surveillance devices that can suck up sensitive, personal info in our cell phones. Calls, emails, and texts – our most intimate moments.

 You don’t have to do anything wrong to be a victim. Stingrays CAN’T target one person. They CAN vacuum up an entire neighbourhood, or the private data of up to 10,000 people at once.
We know they’re being used in countries including the U.S. and Australia, and other governments are fighting to keep their use a secret. We must rein this in. Tell law-makers: It’s time to put a stop to invasive Stingray cellphone surveillance.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly using Stingray technologies for invasive and irresponsible surveillance of the most intimate personal information found on your cell phone – without your knowledge.

These invasive tools are already being used in secret by law enforcement in select cities and countries around the world, and we need to stop them before their use becomes even more commonplace.

When used, Stingrays can invade the personal conversations of anyone, at anytime, and you’ll never know if your security has been compromised or which intimate moments have been revealed.

We need to take action. It’s time to hold law enforcement agencies accountable and demand transparency. We demand oversight, accountability, and judicial safeguards to ensure our right to privacy is respected.

We have a right to our privacy and security. When governments violate these rights, our most basic intimate moments are violated, and our safety, security and trust are all put in jeopardy.

Government oversight officials are starting to wake up, but they’ll only stop Stingrays if we speak out now. Stop Stingrays from invading your cell phone.