Author Topic: Snowden releases a Book - another Defector goes full Edward Howard  (Read 1556 times)

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As election 2020 is coming there is a lot of sound in the spheres around defector Snowden. “Edward Joseph Snowden” who, funny at all, shares his name with the defector “Edward Lee Howard” is releasing a book which will - surprise – be a full revelation and gives a conclusion to all the so called "REVELATIONS" he had done so far "for the people". (The HOIS ones). It is called “Permanent Record” (uh oh creepy!) and will be released on “Constitution Day” – (what a message! lmao).
His tweet reads as follows:
"So I just completed an international conspiracy across twenty countries, and somehow the secret never leaked. On Constitution Day, the result will be on shelves worldwide."
except that narcissistic tone in his tweet which is well known in the “Leaker sphere”, (see the guy which residents in Belmarsh Prison actually is called Julian Assange. Who of course is the king of all narcissistic figures in that Sphere) he also promises it to be revealed worldwide “and that the secret never leaked” – well HIS protection can get expensive at a certain level 😉.
anyway - writing a book in your "safe house" is just a small step aimed at the 2020 elections. to divide, distract and mess with the heads of the voters. don't get distracted and read whatever you want off course.
by the way. Edward Lee Howard died; he fell.
his neck got broke. at home.