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Forum Guidelines
« on: August 06, 2011, 22:15:32 PM »
Welcome to the WikiLeaks Forum.

To make sure every member has a good time here, please read the following guidelines and make sure to stick to them.

1. The WikiLeaks Forum is a place for open discussions and the free flow of informations. While we want to make sure that every member can speak his mind without fear we have to point out that this Forum is not a place for

a.) recruiting people for your own projects
b.) posting Spam (including links to your own private sites beside when it's about the topic you're discussing on)
c.) posting offensive textes, pictures or videos
d.) posting content under foreign copyright.
e.) Posting surveys.

2.) Please always keep in mind that you're talking to other human beings. Thus we do not tolerate flame wars, threats or insults.

3.) The Moderator/Adminteam reserves the right to edit, move, remove or moderate any post at any time. You have the possibility to report offensive posts to a Moderator by clicking on "Report to moderator". We ask you to not act as a "back seat moderator". You can also use the chatterbox or the PM function to contact Moderators and Admins.

4.) The above also apply to private messaging. If you have the feeling, that another member is harrassing you in private messages, please contact the Moderator Team.

5.) Please do not use your Signature as an advertisement board. One link is allowed in your signature. Linking a commercial website or a "click for points" game is not allowed.

6.) The communication online is lacking a lot from the Face-to-Face communication. Keep that in mind when answering in an ironic or sarkasm way. The other person might not detect it and take it personal.

7.) PLEASE DO NOT USE ALL CAPS. It's considered as YELLING and many people take it as very impolite.

8.) Only one account is allowed per person. This board has many members so there's no need for soliloquy :)

9.) Please do not post duplicate threads. If you can't find a thread you were answering in or opening, use the "Last posts by member" on your profile.

10.) Please do not posts containing only a link or a video. Describe why you post it or what is behind the link. Most people do not want to click on random links.

11.) Please post readable content instead of just smilies, gifs or one worded texts ( ie. "thnx", "nice" "ok", "good" ).

When you post on the forum we will assume that you read this guidelines. So please make sure to follow them. Violating these rules might result in a ban by the Adminteam.

The Admin- and Moderator Team :)


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