Author Topic: What is Eurogendfor and what is it doing in Greece?  (Read 22170 times)

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What is Eurogendfor and what is it doing in Greece?
« on: October 13, 2011, 23:53:46 PM »
According to their Official website, which you can find here:

"The European Gendarmerie Force (EGF) is an initiative of 5 EU Member States - France, Italy, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain – aimed at improving the crisis management capability in sensitive areas. Since Wednesday, 17th December 2008, the High Level Interdepartmental Committee Meeting (CIMIN) decided to welcome the Romanian Gendarmerie to become a full member of the EGF. Therefore the EGF consists from that moment of 6 member states.

EGF responds to the need to rapidly conduct all the spectrum of civil security actions, either on its own or in parallel with the military intervention, by providing a multinational and effective tool.
The EGF will facilitate the handling of crisis that require management by police forces, usually in a critical situation, also taking advantage from the experience already gained in the relevant peace-keeping missions.
Based in Vicenza in the "Generale Chinotto" barracks, the EGF HQ is now developing a comprehensive and coherent operational system, which will permit to be ready in case of prompt deployment to crisis areas.
EGF goal is to provide the International Community with a valid and operational instrument for crisis management, first and foremost at disposal of EU, but also of other International Organizations, as NATO, UN and OSCE, and ad hoc coalitions.

From the same site and under Frequently Asked Questions, and I quote:

"Q.1.i. Who gives the mandate for operations in which the EGF is involved?

Ans. The EGF will always be deployed on a clear legal basis. Usually the mandate will be based on relevant UN Security Council Resolutions or on political guidelines from EU or other international organisations that intervene in the field of crisis management.

"Q. 2.c. What are the tasks the EGF can perform?

Ans. In accordance with the mandate of each operation, the EGF can perform a broad spectrum of activities related to its own police capability, such as:
- performing security and public order missions;
- monitoring of and advice for local police in their day-to-day work, including criminal investigation work;
- conducting public surveillance, border policing and general intelligence;
- performing criminal investigation work, covering detection of offences, tracing of offenders and their transfer to the appropriate judicial authorities;
- protecting people and property and keeping order in the event of public disturbances;
- training of police officers as regards international standards;
- training of instructors, particularly through co-operation programmes.

Ok I might not have a complete understanding yet but I can just about make out the outline of their operations. The other question remains ananswered:

...what is Eurogendfor doing in Greece?

Greek online blogs (all in Greek I am afraid but I list some below) are circulating reports that Eurogendfor has arrived in Greece this week. No official response to confirm or deny this, where is the truth?

How can one know the facts and why are the Greek mainsteam media not commenting on this issue?

I typed the word Eurogendfor in the BBC News, Guardian, The Independent search engines, no results came up.

For months the austerity program unfolded by the Greek government as a result of the IMF/EU requirements for budget deficit reduction has resulted in vibrand protest movement expressed through public protests & multiple strikes. Even retired policemen, retired army reservists have gone protesting as organised groups via their unions and associations. The Greek Riot Police (MAT) have been beating up protesters for weeks. Is it conceivable that EGF will be mobilised in Greece?

I hope the reports are unfounded and have only been spread to monitor public reaction, or could it be a hoax?. No Greek in their right mind would authorise the deployment of such force against protestors any such politician would be named a traitor, this is how the Greek psychi works, surely they know. It would finish PA.SO.K.

But if Eurogendfor is in Greece but not to fight the protestors then we have to ask again what they are doing in Greece?

Who would know?


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Re: What is Eurogendfor and what is it doing in Greece?
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 20:46:57 PM »
Today 14/10/2011 two articles appeared on "" English blog on the subject. How very convenient for my post, they are both in English, (thank you guys! - did you write them just for me?) one repeats the story as mentioned above, the other refutes it. Here we go:

UPD: Thriller with Rumors on EUROGENDFOR Hit-men in Greece

"There is a real thriller with rumors and claims about a group of Eurogendfor hit-men who apparently arrived in Western Greece recently and the load of publications on Greek internet forced the government to take position on the issue, not confirming neither denying the news. Eurogendfor, the Euro Gendarmerie Force, also known as Euro-Gendarma is a police  force specialized in combating riots. The ‘rumour’ is allegedly based on eye-witnesses

    “who saw a brigade of Eurogendfor men arriving at the port of Igoumenitsa. All men looked alike, bully and with shaved heads and were of German and Dutch origin. They were dressed in civilian cloths and  carrying bags with the initials EGF. The men were transported with several trucks and camouflaged armored vehicles to Larissa in Central Greece and were settled  to a Greek Air Force base that was recently closed down.” (

The ‘news’ landed in Greece in a climate of  protests and strikes by several interest groups, the excessive use of force during protests in Athens, the upcoming demonstrations on October 15, 19 and 20 and a government that seems unable to take control of the situation unless it uses violence.

Even Greek military news portals with contacts to good sources could not confirm the EGF arrival.  On Friday Greek Police and the Ministry of Citizen’s Protection issued a statement saying “There is no EGF unit in Greece”. A statement that was received with the usual portion of mistrust towards official statements, though.

According to Greek military news portal defencenet,the group arrived on October 8th, 2011 and also “ left from Igoumenitsa”(so eye-witness) after a short staying in Greece.

Another sources was telling KTG, that a, EGF unit most likely used Greece while proceeding to Kosovo.

However fact is A) Greece has no Gendarmerie Force and B) EGF can deploy up to 800 men and needs one month in advance.

From time to time there have been rumors claiming that even the riot policemen making excessive use of force against protesters and firing tons of tear gas, were not Greeks. I guess, these rumours are based on Greeks’ stunning how can low-paid Greeks (riot policemen) beat so hard their fellow Greeks (protesters).

PS I hope, protesters won’t have to speak German and Dutch to riot policemen at the next protest. However as another ‘baseless’ internet rumor claims that 6,000 policemen arrived to Greece from Italy I started to refresh the few words I know “Ciao, bello”, “Quanta costa?” and “Arrivederci”….

UPDATE:   Meanwhile the ‘mystery’ about “eurogendfor” has been solved! Please, read “Eurogendfor” Hit-Men Took Off Their Riot-Helmets !

And here is the second article refuting the claim:

“Eurogendfor” Hit-Men Took Off Their …Riot-Helmets

Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Politics, Society

According to a very reliable source, the “eurogendfor” hit-men  alledgedly in Greece to combat riots… were in fact ….Czech soldiers from the “Balkan Brigade” of SEEBRIG, the Multinational Peace Force  South-Eastern Europe Brigade. The soldiers arrived in Greece via Igoumenitsa , were transported to Tyrnavos in Central Greece and then moved with buses to Bosnia! These were the alleged ‘eurogendfor’ hit-men who came to Greece in ‘absolute secrecy’ but via roads and ports so that everybody could see them…

Our attention should be focused as to why such rumors and claims are realesed and what purposes they serve…

Check also HERE

Of course if you look at what SEEBRIG is here:

Then, can you really sigh from relief and forget all about it?

hm, even the websites' design is similar (EGT / SEEBRIC), 

Well, let's see it from an entirely different perspective with the risk of appearing utterly foolish; with South East Med. experiencing the build up of Naval military forces, others passing, others staying, could it be we start seeing the same happening from a land point of view?