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Occupy the London Stock Exchange - live coverage by the Guardian

2.28pm: Julian Assange arrived at the London protest outside like a modern day messiah flanked by his disciples, says Lisa O'Carroll.

"He pushed through the police kettle followed by an entourage shouting "Julian, Julian". He is now on the steps of St Pauls."

And speaking of people who are not the messiah here a picture of Jesus amid the demonstrators on the steps of the cathedral.

2.17pm: It appears that Julian Assange was not arrested but was told he could not wear a mask.
Lawyer Jen Robinson tweets: "assange NOT under arrest. Says we can't wear masks and be anonymous but swiss bank accounts can be."

She later adds: "assange being kettled - can't get through to speak."

2.11pm: There are reports that Julian Assange has been arrested at the Occupy London protest.
Jen Robinson, a lawyer with firm Stephen Finers and Innocent, tweets: "Here with #assange and police take him under section 60AA for wearing a mask to get into demo. Crazy.

"Police refuse to let me through barricade to allow #assange a lawyer.

Glen Goodman, business correspondent for ITV's London Tonight, earlier posted a Twitpic of Assange speaking outside London Stock Exchange.

Also from twitter:

TownsendMarkMark Townsend

Assange says had trouble getting through kettle, blames greed, corruption and money laundering in London for undermining rule of law.

9 minutes ago

Vote on whether Assange should speak. Crowd says yes. #occupylondon

14 minutes ago
Vast crowd sitting down waiting for Assange to speak. Assange bathed in sunshine on steps of St Paul's #occupylondon

15 minutes ago

Crowd going mental, chants of 'julian' #occupylondon

18 minutes ago

TownsendMarkMark Townsend

Julian Assange heading up steps of St Paul's! #occupylondon

19 minutes ago

Julian Assange "spoke with officers" acc to Scotland Yard but NOT arrested. Wonder what that chat was about? #occupylondon

25 minutes agoFavoriteRetweetReply
 resendMarkMark Townsend

Scotland Yard saying they've heard nothing on arrest of Julian Assange. #occupylondon

29 minutes ago

TownsendMarkMark Townsend

Crowd clapping and singing as they occupy sun drenched St Paul's plaza. A lot of police watch on... #occupylondon

32 minutes ago

TownsendMarkMark Townsend

Inside kettle on steps of St Paul. Surreal. Police have hemmed in crowd with vans to prevent 'critical mass' breaking out. #occupylondon

39 minutes ago

TownsendMarkMark Townsend

St Paul's completely kettled. First arrests. Legal observers cannot access to "prevent breach of peace". Rapid mood change. #occupylondon

53 minutes ago!/TownsendMark


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2.58pm: Mark Townsend has filed this dispatch on Julian Assange's appearance at the protest to Occupy the London Stock Exchange.

Just after 2.30pm Julian Assange broke through the police kettle enclosing St Paul's, then surrounded by an entourage of supporters and the media swept through the crowd towards the cathedral.

Amid a cheering throng he fought his way through the packed ranks of protesters, turned half-way up the steps and addressed those gathered below. Assange began by lamenting the police tactics, noting hundreds more remained stranded outside the kettle. Then he began attacking a greedy and corrupt system that had united individuals from Cairo to London.

"People are being ordered to Guantanamo Bay to obey the rule of law, and money is being laundered through the Caymen Islands and London to obey the rule of law.

"This movement is not about the destruction of law, but the construction of law."

With that he stopped, the crowd hollering as a list of other occupations throughout the world was read out.


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and an audio from the St.Paul's steps speech:

Amazing, giving words to so many people's aspirations, hopes and dreams.


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you have been the first to find out the audio speech, emmy (the first, as always) :-)
I'm glad to know in London it was OK.
unfortunately, in Rome there were riots...isolated, but they've spoiled the event :-(


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Flavia, thank you. I wish I where able to go myself, but this time it was not possible.

About Rome, I am afraid it is almost very easy that peaceful demonstrations can become otherwise. Sometimes with smaller numbers, organisers can look after people properly, if the march is well run with marshals and march management, people watching out for provocateurs or monitoring policing behaviour, monitoring numbers and people's movement.  If the numbers are greater like in the case in Rome, it is a more difficult situation to manage.

If a protest is organised in a stadium for example and has the feel of a festival with speeches, music and proper "crowd services" so to speak, the organisers can put together protests at a grand scale, as a peaceful, well run event. People can then take part as a family unit.

But in street marches there is a very different situation to deal with. Would I bring a 10 & 3 year old down to St.Paul's today, or my 77 year old mother, (who would be willing enough by the way)? I did not. 

In this country Trade Unions often do a good job in organising marches at large scale safely.

I was interested to hear one of Julian Assange's comments about professionalising activism in one of today's videos - (you will find it in Fanyajuu's thread). Would like to hear more about what he meant.

Going back to events in Rome...well you only have to look at what has been happening in Greece and Spain and other parts of the world. Protests always seem to start peacefully then somehow things can turn ugly, but let's stay hopeful... a lot awaits in front of us.


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I agree with you emmy.
you deserve a
score of 100 (reputation or karma)  ;)

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Great thread Greekemmy.

I have just returned from Occupy London Stock Exchange, so it is great to read your thread, because, there, at that time, no news was getting in ... or out.

It was great that Julian was there amongst us, and his speech was inspiring.

I want to write a full report of my experience there, and I ask respectfully, that I can add it to this thread, rather than start a new thread on the same topic. I have some photos from within the occupation to add as well.
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Do not be afraid.


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Of course Schladendwolf, this is not my thread it is our thread, let's weave it all together. But there are other threads too you know with videos and articles for example, worthwhile having a look at the forum, lots of us had our eyes fixed on the unfolding events and tried in one way or the other to be "there". I popped in myself on Sunday for a flying visit. I would love to read about your experience, please share it with us.  :)