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(from Herald Sun)

Assange's mother to protest Obama

AAP | November 09, 2011 5:35PM

JULIAN Assange's mother will travel to Canberra during US President Barack Obama's visit to draw attention to her son's plight.

Christine Assange says she will take part in a protest outside parliament house on November 17, the same day Mr Obama is set to address a special sitting of the Australian parliament.

"I'm asking Australians around the country on November 17th to refuse to celebrate the Obama visit and instead replace it with a day of support for Julian,'' Mrs Assange told AAP today.

Mr Assange - the founder and driving force of the controversial Wikileaks whistleblower website - last week lost a British High Court appeal against extradition to Sweden to answer sex crime allegations.

The 40-year-old Australian fears US authorities will seek his extradition from Sweden to face charges relating to his website's publication of hundreds of thousands of classified US government documents.

Mrs Assange says she will address protesters about her son's case.

"Both political parties have been spineless in standing up to the US over this," she said.

"Whatever the US wants, the Gillard government is handing it over. And the opposition isn't much better."

Given the tight security surrounding Mr Obama's visit, it is not clear how close Mrs Assange and her fellow protesters will be able to get to parliament house.

"I'll get as close as I can," she vowed.

Mr Obama's visit two-day visit to Canberra and Darwin coincides with the 60th anniversary of the alliance between Australia and the United States.

This event has been hashtagged as #Day4JA on Twitter.
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