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Lynch Mob awaits Assange in Sweden
« on: November 24, 2011, 16:10:44 PM »
Lynch Mob

Spaghetti monsters have it easier to be understood.

DUCKPOND (Radsoft) — There's a lynch mob in Sweden. Working up to a fever pitch. Ready to storm the sheriff's office. Thanks to Anna Ardin and Claes Borgström. What's been done in Sweden is illegal and prosecutable in countries with rule of law. It's not illegal in Sweden because they don't have rule of law in Sweden. Claes Borgström's had full rein to do what he wants. And he's done it.

Claes Borgström's been on television screens incessantly for the past year, goading the lynch mob. A clever move: television stations retain clips for a short time and then they're gone. Without a trace. No remaining evidence outside the duckpond of what he's done. The effect is considerable.

And it'd be illegal and prosecutable almost anywhere but in Sweden.

Pair this with the official admonitions on the same television channels to not think about the Assange case and the way it's been handled and you have a Michelin star recipe for political corruption. For yes, that's the other part of it: when the world media expressed shock at the way Sweden treated Assange, the opinionated Lena Sundström came on Bonnier's TV4 to tell viewers she was trying hard to not think about the Assange case and she recommended the people of Sweden do the same.

The feminist/LGBT faction behind the #prataomdet smear campaign against Julian Assange might win a journalistic award in the next few days. It's reminiscent of those elections in dictatorships where people get a ballot with one name: it's all set, it's all fine, it's all dictated. A free society indeed.

The #prataomdet campaign was an exercise in ultimate duplicity. The main engine behind the recruitment of the feminist mafiosi in the media originally wanted to call the campaign #thankyouanna because Anna Ardin had stood up to a mean evil man of power and said 'no'. She'd thereby become a symbol of repressed women everywhere.

Except Anna Ardin never said 'no'. Not to anyone. Poor Assange was pushed into the corner and probably thought of saying 'no'. Ardin deliberately ambushed him so she could bed him and brag about it afterwards. And that's the silliness of it: Anna Ardin leaked to the tabloid Aftonbladet the first weekend of the case back in August 2010 and told their reporters that Julian Assange has a 'skewed view of womanhood and doesn't know how to take 'no' for an answer'. And yet try as one might, one can't find that word used in any of Cuckoo Baby's testimony.

The entire #prataomdet campaign was bullshit from the get-go. They set out to idolise a woman who stood up to a bad man (all men are bad) and said 'no' when she'd done nothing of the sort. The instigator, Finnish immigrant Johanna Koljonen, then went on to cite a case in her own life where she wished she'd said 'no' like Anna Ardin didn't do. But in that particular case, as Koljonen described it, she had in fact said 'no' to something and she did get her way.

So where's the story? What's the point? First you're emulating someone who dares say 'no' but who in fact never said anything of the sort. Then you're regretting incidents where you should have said 'no' but didn't - except you in fact admit you did and everything was OK after that. So where's the story? What's the point?

The lynch mob knows.

This silly type of logic is endemic in the Swedish feminist movement and surprise surprise but none of the feminists in the lynch mob catch on. If Josef Göbbels had seen how easy it all really was, he'd have gone away on permanent holiday. Or he'd have traveled in time and location to the feminist Sweden of today to take lessons from the real pros.

What we've had is a campaign that's 1) not at all about Assange but 2) designed to keep all discussions as close as possible to Assange and 3) accompanied in over 300 articles published nationwide on the same day by an identical sidebar in bright yellow where it's explained that the campaign is indeed about Assange and nothing else.

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