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South America
« on: December 06, 2011, 22:53:44 PM »
In this moments of change South America is leaded by Economic powers who are disseminating hate around political leaders.

My country (in this moment of world crisis) has a president who is working for dignity and patriotic items that concern Ecuadorian ppl

The press is leaded by multimillionaire ppl, who were "owners" of natural  resources and economic alternatives in order to maintain poverty.

Honest People in Ecuador are afraid of Big Countries who read and learn false news from Ecuador and all we can do is wait...

This nightmare seems impossible to resist , that´s why I invite you (just as a matter of example) to make a balance of social work and our climbs in to International Trade. We do not depend 100% on United States for our Industrialization, advanced transportation, domestic trade etc

We care a lot for our natural resourcers and we reject all kind of manipulation, black media or any other kind of fear from Big Countries

We are aware of the tools of "public opinion" and we do not care about "local news" that´s why we were waiting for honest media... in this moment from the State

So, if ppl around the world has doubts about State propaganda is better to be aside from this internal war...

The truth will survive. All depends on local ppl... would you like to help? the only way is sharing all kind of news.

First: The independent media (who works for economic leaders like Fidel Egas)
or: Alvaro Noboa:

and then... Places like this:

I´m sure that you will see what is going on

Thank you for the time

Here a web page about economy on Ec: