Author Topic: Making public documents "more" public in a little town in Ecuador  (Read 1455 times)

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I don't know if it is the best place for this post, but this is inspire on Wikileaks so here it goes. The links are in Spanish, but I think you can use google translator or similar.
I live in a little town call Cayambe that is one hour and half away fro the capital city of Ecuador (Quito).
My father was the mayor of the town for 11 years elected 3 times by elections. Some how those who did not won the elections in Cayambe manage to achieved dismissal of the Mayor.
As I know my father did not do anything illegal and the "comptroller" did not even read his defense I told my dad (not an Internet guy at the moment) about Wikileaks and give him the idea to scan the documents of his defense and the ones of the destitutions and upload them to a blog.
So with and all computer running Linux with a cheap multifunction printer we started the job. The idea was similar to Wikileaks, lets write an article and link everything to the scanned documents. So if people don't agree with the article, they could still read the document. His first two post in the blog where about his defense:
(They are in Spahish, but I guess you can use google translator or similar. With the scanned documents ir harder, you should know Spanish ;) )
So time pass and something started to happen. People started so give documents to my dad about irregularities that are going on with the new administration of the town of Cayambe. Similar to Wikileaks (but not as sophisticated) the identity of those who leak the documents are keep secret. My Dad is the one that publish those documents to the Internet. Here are some of the articles with the leaked documents:
All the artciles can be found on his blog:

I wrote an article about this in one of my blogs for people in Cayambe where they did not know much about Wikileaks and the Internet is just starting to became popular.

The local media try not to say anything about this leaks. The discussions is oriented more in the procedure that the documents should be ask, instead of the content of the documents. I also wrote about it my blog:

Well I just wanted to share this with you guys. We are not a big country, there is not much violence here in Ecuador. But there is a lot of corruption :( and the wikileaks idea taken to the local government is a great way to bring transparency to this town.

Nothing has happend yet, the Internet is just starting to became popular here and the local media tries not to talk about this subject. Nevertheless, the blog is going to be here in the future and it is a historical archive.

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