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Occupy this: What happened to America?
« on: January 02, 2012, 10:51:21 AM »
Oh, yes, I like this article, it suits nice to my theory that Wikileaks wake up Americans with cables released. Most of cables are not harmful, but still US government becomes ballistic over Julian Assange. Why? Because cables shows the real reasons why US administration supporting dictatorships and wars.
American troops are coming home from Iraq? For who they fighting there? For democracy and civil right protection? Or for 1% greed and interest?
American soldiers are coming home from war zones deeply traumatized with what they seen and what they have done, soldiers with PTSD - another victims of 1% greed.

Reasons for wars and economic crises are very complex but picture is more and more clear every day.


Occupy this: What happened to America?

It was quite the Advent season, anticipating the birth of the Prince of Peace while I watched a scenario unfurl in this country that would make Kafka and Camus puke.

We had President Obama tell us the war in Iraq was over and the mainstream media mouthing the same. The reality is that while American troops may be coming home, our taxpayer funded private mercenary soldiers will remain, so don't look for a “peace dividend” (remember that phrase?).

The violence in Iraq as the enlisted leave is absolutely horrifying, so to say that “war is over” is an outright lie and a pompous one at that. The reality is that our government wanted to remain in Iraq but the leaks attributed to Bradley Manning and Julian Assange made that impossible. Seems that the Iraqi government would not continue to give US soldiers immunity from war crimes and seeing as to be declared the winner of a war one has to out brutalize the other side(s) so that made it impossible for us to stay.

Click HERE to read more of the story that should have been front page news (BTW - suicides of veterans outnumber the war deaths.)

And just what are these young people who were told that they were protecting our freedoms coming home to? (Less in the way of opportunity freedom than when they left, that's for damn sure):

-- An economy that has been raped by Wall Street and the ultra rich with the help of our elected officials (half of whom are multimillionaires and the other half getting close to it) who sent them to die and kill in the first place; one in which very few of our returning soldiers will flourish. Here's an article about the 30 largest corporations that spend more on lobbying than they did paying federal income taxes: Click HERE. And there's an article that asks why aren't we prosecuting Wall Street (Because most of Congress would be implicated so it is in their best interests to let this one go.) on

Here's where you can check on the net worth of your public “servants” in Washington DC: Click HERE.

Rumors of a new war with Iran: Click HERE and “secret” drone wars in the Middle East: Click HERE.

Poverty rates in the U.S. are at an unprecedented all time high and are rapidly rising.

The revelation that members of Congress can engage in insider trading legally - talk about perks of the job! See them rushing to fix this loophole? I don't either. It does however explain why half of them are millionaires and most of them “earn” that title shortly after they get elected and why the Occupy Wall Street movement is such a threat to Congress. (Explains a lot doesn't it?)

The rapid installation of a brutal police state via the dismantling of the Occupy encampments with the assistance of a nationally coordinated and organized effort by Homeland Security and the use of chemical weapons (that's what pepper spray is folks) on peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.

Some constabularies are even using drones to spy on American citizens: Click HERE.

Speaking of which, spying on ordinary American citizens is at a level that competes with those countries we invade to bring the blessings of democracy to. Every email that is sent, every cell phone call that is made, every electronic transaction including credit, debit, ATM and banking transactions is sucked up and reviewed by the government. The CIA monitors every tweet. This information is cutesy of Colleen Rawley, the former FBI agent and 9/11 whistle blower as well as Time's person of the year for 2002.

A president that thinks he can order the assassination of American citizens without due process and in fact does. Click HERE.

The largest organized voter suppression initiative since Jim Crow. Under the guise of stopping fraudulent voting (which was at a staggering .0007 percent nationwide) the GOP (Guardians of Privilege) has made it difficult if not impossible in several states for the poor, the aged, students, minorities and immigrants to vote. Millions have been removed from voter registration rolls across the country. It is mere coincidence that these are the people most likely to vote Democratic (poor misguided fools).

Meanwhile the Democrats stood by and messed their pants. Here's more detail: Click HERE and here's info on Congress's investigation: Click HERE. Here's a story of a real person this has affected, a 93-year-old woman who has been voting for years: Click HERE.

The passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which basically guts our civil liberties, our right to habeas corpus and in a phrase “brings the possibility of Guantanamo for all of us." No kidding. Two sections of the NDAA, 1031 and 1032, give our military the power to arrest and detain indefinitely American citizens on US soil and abroad on the mere suspicion of being a terrorist, with “terrorist” being very vaguely defined by the bill and hence the government but here's the translation: anyone who disagrees with the government. Disagree loudly enough and you can (and most likely will be) detained, without charge, without trial, without the opportunity to confront your accusers for as long as the government wants (translation: forever). It also opens the door for rendition of Americans - meaning that we don't torture on our soil - we send you to another country that specializes in “enhanced interrogation techniques” that were taught by our military so rest assured you're getting the best.

The NDAA was introduced by Senators McCain and Levin, discussed in secret hearings, and then passed by both the Senate and Congress. Both of New York's senators, Schumer and Gillibrand voted for it as did Congressman Gibson. Obama (not only is he president but a constitutional lawyer as well) put a bit of a show before the bill was passed saying that he was going to veto it if it contained the aforementioned provisions. Then he began to back peddle when Senator Levin revealed that Obama had asked for those provisions in the first place. To read some great commentary from Europe and especially the former Soviet Union (now here's a group that knows a civil liberties grab when they see one) - click HERE and for some more detail click HERE.

Why this bill was not front page news in the US has me dumbfounded. It lends credibility to the conspiracy theory that mainstream media is controlled by corporations and the government (hard to tell the difference these days) and certainly explains why Obama wants a “kill switch” for the Internet where you can actually get real news.

A vigil in support of what is left of the constitution was held in Albany on Dec. 15 and the local FOX News was there filming. The story did not make their evening news program; it was preempted by a story on yet another shooting in Schenectady and a segment on Santa's reindeer being female.

Find it interesting that the NDAA would be passed in the wake of Occupy Wall Street movement revealing the true nature of wealth in this country and demanding that corporations and the richest one percent pay their fair share of federal income taxes, banker and Wall Streeters be held accountable for the mess they made at our expense? Me too - in fact I'll go so far as to say that it is no coincidence. I'd like to point out that one of the NDAA's sponsors, Senator McCain, owns eight homes...well at least he thinks it's eight, he can't always keep track. What percent do you think he's in - the 99 or the 1?

What to do with all these dissidents that will be rounded up under the NDAA? In a rare instance of proactive planning the government has already built 600 detention camps around the United States that can hold up to 2 million people --oops I mean “terrorists”. Halliburton finally confirmed what had been rumored for at least the last five to six years in the peace community. For more detail click : HERE. Most of these camps were planned and begun under the Bush II administration in an incredible case of history repeating itself or in this case refunding the Bush family. Senator Prescott Bush made a tidy sum for the family dynasty assisting Nazi Germany. Now a new generation of the Bush family will reap the benefits of assisting the government and good, opportunistic financial planning. Click HERE.

Good thing those troops are coming home - they'll need them here to round people up - no longer relegated to just being window dressing in airports in the country they've sworn to defend. Look for them on a street corner near you.

Someone remind me again - we were fighting for what over in Iraq?

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Re: Occupy this: What happened to America?
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2012, 06:47:32 AM »
This is a reply not to the article but to the point you brought up about the impaired state of returning veterans: used, chewed up, and spat out.

A very big story in my local area recently was a shooting spree by a vet. Here is an analysis: