Author Topic: WikiLeaks : American Center for International Labor Solidarity  (Read 1869 times)

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 WikiLeaks : American Center for International Labor Solidarity
Support  : $102,922
To support unions to become independent effective advocates for workers rights in Egypt. ACILS will continue to empower Egyptian labor support organizations through its worker rights monitoring and advocacy program; workshops on worker rights and reporting violations; and training-of-trainers programs for activists, and journalists
This center Support a variety of movements including the movement "will not be afraid"funded externally views its goal of destroying the security and stability of Egypt, and organize vigils "on the occasion and without appropriate" for this funding and this movement  workers laid off from work and aims of this movement to strike the stability of the companies, especially public business sector companies , The founders of the movement are ragab said mohmed (petrojet company) mostafa mohmed ali (petrotrade company) Mohamed el said salem (egyptalum company ) , The founders of the movement was a major influence on Egyptian companies, and the pressure on the boards of the departments for additional privileges

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