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Australia Day Call to Action from Christine Assange!
« on: January 22, 2012, 14:34:32 PM »
Australia Day Call to Action from Christine Assange!

@Jaraparilla blog – Saturday, January 21, 2012

AUSTRALIA DAY this Thursday January 26th will be just 5 days before Julian Assange’s UK Supreme Court hearing!

PROTEST the Australian Government’s abandonment of a fellow Aussie, Walkley award winning journalist, and Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange!

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for Julian ahead of the hearing by flying a photo of Julian and a message of support along with your Aussie flag or other  merchandise!

Get creative!!!

DISCOUNT/DOLLAR SHOPS have a huge range of cheap Aussie flags/fun merchandise for you to use!

HANG a large Aussie flag from your balcony or veranda with “Free Assange “on it! Fix a photo of Julian to both sides of a flag & WAVE proudly!

MAKE an Australia Day sarong or a simple top, a bandana, headband, armband, or simple doggie coat and affix a photo or message of support!

FIX photos and messages to hoodies, capes, hats! Create giant pin-on buttons, giant ties, car stickers and window shades etc!

FACTS of the INJUSTICE – read

Legal brief to Canberra –

PUBLICIZE use the hashtags #OpAassange and #OZday4JA

Forward emails to your friends, family, politicians and the media! Flood twitter and talkback radio, post comments on articles, facebook, and blogs! Include a picture of you with your flag protest! Let’s get the conversation started!

Thanking you,

Christine Assange

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