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“Anonymous” Hack Greek PM’s and Police Websites
« on: February 13, 2012, 21:57:35 PM »
“Anonymous” Hack Greek PM’s and Police Websites

Posted by keeptalkinggreece in Tech

Hackers took down the websites of the Prime Minister, the Greek Police and the Parliament on Sunday evening, while the debate before the crucial voting on the new loan agreement was taking place. Hours later the Anonymous hacker group claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, in a video posted on YouTube. Anonymous addressed the people of Greece but also the rest of the European Union. The group expressed solidarity with the Greek people impacted by the austerity measures, stating that the Greek government has ‘avoided the people’s requests” and “refused to listen to * people.”

The Anonymous denied any involvement in the riots that rocked the Greek capital on Sunday.

The group warned of further cuber attacks to Greek government websites and also to websites of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Poland and other Eu countries.

    “Anonymous is continuing their attacks against the Greek government, and will not stop until the people get what they want. If this does not happen Greece’s government will fall. This is also a warning to all the other European Union counterparts. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, Poland, and all the others will suffer the same fate as Greece’s” (further reading and video New York Observer)

Ten days ago,  Anonymous had hacked and defaced the website of Greek Justice Ministry and warned of further attacks, if the country would not withdraw from ACTA bill.