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Christine Assange's Blog
« on: January 25, 2012, 11:48:45 AM »
Christine Assange's official Blog:

Published on Saturday, 01 January 2011 - Written by Christine Assange

Christine Assange

"I am the mother of Julian Assange. I have started this site to inform the public of the true facts surrounding my son Julian's case because the Australian media is failing to do so.

I will present those facts here & continue to seek justice.

Christine Assange."

Published on Saturday, 01 January 2011 - Written by Super User

Julian Assange

"Julian Paul Assange (my son was born 3 July 1971) is an Australian publisher, journalist, media and internet entrepreneur, media critic, writer, computer programmer and political/internet activist. He is the editor in chief and founder of WikiLeaks, a media website which publishes information from whistleblowers. The site acts as a conduit for worldwide news leaks, with a stated purpose of creating open governance.

Some governments would prefer to keep some things secret, against the public knowledge or interest. Those governments are trying to silence Julian."

Read more:

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Re: Christine Assange's official Blog
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2012, 12:46:49 PM »
#opassange Australia Day Jan26# OZday4JA

Sunday, 22 January 2012 11:14 -Written by Christine Assange

7 days before the UK Supreme Court hearing! Please, the time for action is now. Stand up for an Aussie & your children's right to the truth.

PROTEST the Australian Governments' abandonment of a fellow Aussie Walkley award winning journalist & Editor in Chief of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange!

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for Julian ahead of the hearing by fixing a photo of Julian/message to your Aussie flag or Australia day merchandise!

DISCOUNT/DOLLAR SHOPS - Have a huge range of cheap Aussie flags/fun stuff for you to use!

Be creative & here are a few ideas:

 -HANG a large Aussie flag from your balcony/veranda with "Free Assange" on

 -Fix a photo of Julian both sides of a flag & WAVE proudly!

 -MAKE the following out of a flag & fix photo/message- sarong/simple top, bandana, headband, armband, simple doggie coat.

 -FLAG MERCHANDISE fix photo/message to hoodie, cape, hat, giant pin on button, giant tie, car stickers/window shades etc.

Swedish extradition acts on the case for public & media see

Please publicize & forward Legal brief to Canberra  to your friends, family & media!

Flood twitter, talk-back radio, comments on articles, facebook, blogs, conversations - put a picture up of you in/with your flag protest!

Thanking you,

Christine Assange

Source, Read More:
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Re: Christine Assange's Blog
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2012, 09:25:24 AM »
Madam, please take help of twitter. Join support groups. This platform is for the technologically aware people. Spread your word on facebook and twitter. You can hoot for him more successfully than probably anyone else


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Re: Christine Assange's Blog
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2012, 11:32:30 AM »
-Support Julian Assange - Support Wikileaks-

Follow Christine Assange on twitter:!/AssangeC

Via:  @AssangeC ChristineAssange - 29 gen 2012
Wikileaks truth! -Dont shoot the messanger! -Protect journalist Julian Assange! Free #Assange
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Sweden, things the world (and swedes) should know
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2012, 10:20:43 AM »
i have yesterday found a study on Sweden and it´s corrupted arms-trading state and corporations - that in fact even violate the Swedish laws

this study is from 2007 ,but yet it does print a very accurate and up to date picture of how this country operates with other countries arms-trading affairs-humans (one initial page is in Swedish ,but the rest is in English)

this may feel a bit outside the scope for the current trial , yet that is also the the purpose of this case. to bring away the attention from that even according to Sipri( the arms-trading constitute for at least 40% of our world corruption ( the point is that Sweden in this study can be found as both illegitimate and corrupted also according to their own laws and to this then a peace-prize is used to keep the smoke up in the worlds minds

here is the study:

i have tried to get this yesterday also to Jennifer Robinson and have also published this as following:

i believe this study can provide the actual ground to explain and inquire what is going behind the scenes in this case. one have to consider that the trail-mechanism is a powerful instrument since the persons behind it basically runs our planet by lethal weaponized forces behind each facade of civilized behaviors and conducts

i also want to point out that these arms-trading humans can get away with just about anything - one only need to read this study and understand that the Swedish and world population will for ever remain quite chance-less if not sorting this corruption out. it is not any of our world population that does this - it is other people that feel they have the right to kill our family members - just because they can make billions of money from it ,and that with no respect to any law, moral ,ethic or other civil terms at all

i hope i would have found this study earlier ,yet it spells out quite a map over actual reality - a map the court-rooms and judges acting under the governing umbrellas would like to keep out of any public media and awareness. believing the judges and court is serious is a simple task to test - they are serious if they present spine and moral stand in this situation with Sweden - but they can not since also they are working and getting their own great and status from this corruption. one should not though sink down to same low level as such judging - instead one should give even the judge and court the chance to exhibit honesty and civil courage from a straight heart and mind ,maybe that could somehow happen(somewhere?)

and by all means - consider Sweden´s world fraud in this and then making it work by selling the whole worlds peace-prize to our minds and hearts. if that is not a clever way to make arms-trading ,then please present a more clever idea whereby doing so and getting away with it as a noble hero and the dream-model of our world

into the core and all aspects of this case; it is not normal practice anywhere in the world to routine a case like this internationally between countries. this is a media-hype for the public and official mindsets "to be kept as is" rather than anything else. also it seams in actual that this routine we now experience exhibit not only this but also such as the US Justice Department by secret court-orders pull in every human individual data from the internet servers and hosts where the persons can be by any-means affiliated to being positive to wikileaks - this is the true scandal and it is to be hidden away from our attention like by means such as this case. (the twitter-wikileaks scandal:

maybe you can also check that Jennifer Robinson gets this (in fact ,this study only show a narrow tip of this world ice-berg - there is so horribly much more and i do not have the resources needed to bring it all together and throughout the world)

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Re: Sweden ,things the world (and swedes) should now
« Reply #5 on: February 03, 2012, 14:38:43 PM »
"2011-03-04 Jennifer Robinson: Brief to Canberra meeting of MP's re Julian Assange"
this if from the last paragraph in J. Robinsons assessment:
"Further, WikiLeaks cables released last December demonstrate that intelligence sharing and cooperation between Sweden and the US is far deeper than anyone had realised, calling into question Sweden’s perceived neutrality, and the extent of this cooperation had been hidden from the Swedish Parliament and the Swedish people"

here is the study:

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Re: Christine Assange's Blog
« Reply #6 on: February 08, 2012, 06:54:43 AM »
this is a fine example of circles within circles, Sweden's neutrality makes it an obvious place to hide in plane sight, both economically and in a political sense.


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Re: Christine Assange's Blog
« Reply #7 on: March 05, 2012, 13:15:47 PM »
Christine Assange on Twitter - 5 march 2012

Via @AssangeC!/AssangeC

7:19 - 5 Mar 12 - #facts4mp-(1)Wikileaks & #Assange have not been charged with any crime in any country in the world.!/AssangeC/status/176552540735942656

7:33 - 5 Mar 12
- #facts4mp(2) #Wikileaks & #assange have been recognized 4 guality investigative journalism with many presdigious awards.-wikipedia!/AssangeC/status/176555968191135744

11:26 - 5 Mar 12 - #facts4mp(3)#WikiLeaks has a perfect record re info reliability.No govt has denied authenticity of documents. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176614583778279424

11:31 - 5 Mar 12
- #facts4mp(4) #WikiLeaks redacts its documents, so to date,not one person has been physically harmed by its publications. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176615972885639168

11:38 - 5 Mar 12
- #facts4mp (6) #WikiLeaks exposes govt/corp corrupt,fraud,shady deals,war crime,torture,kidnapp, in the public interest 2 know. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176617708467654656

11:45 - 5 Mar
- #facts4mp (5) #WikiLeaks partnered w The Guardian,NY Times,der Spiegal,Le Monde,El Palais 2 publish Cablegate.Why target WL? #assange!/AssangeC/status/176619454279585792

11:53 - 5 Mar
- #facts4mp (7) #WikiLeaks acts in accordance w traditional journalism.-publishing information give by various sources. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176621358686547969

12:01 - 5 Mar
- #facts4mp (8 ) #WikiLeaks acts like traditonal media but protects its sources witha secure anonymous drop box #assange!/AssangeC/status/176623393364381698

12:14 - 5 Mar - #facts4mp (9) #WikiLeaks is a legal,legitimate on line news publisher recognized as so by other journalist organizaions world wide. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176626739139719168

12:23 - 5 Mar 12 - #facts4mp (10) #Wikikeaks is a non profit independent publisher funded by donations from ordinary citizens from around the world. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176628986099679232

12:53 - 5 Mar - #facts4mp (11) #Wikileaks goal is altruistic-"Justice Thru Transparency."A catalyst 4 democracy movements around the world. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176636456041848832

13:05 - 5 Mar 12 - #fact4mp (11) #WikilLeaks launched in 2006 2 provide safety 4 whistleblowers in 3rd world regimes/dictatorships 2 inform the world..#assange!/AssangeC/status/176639553577304064

13:18 - 5 Mar 12 - #facts4mp (13)For the first 4 yrs #Wikileaks published govt & corporate wrongdoings from many countries .#assange!/AssangeC/status/176642731626598402

13:45 - 5 Mar 12 - #fact4mp (14) 2010- #WikiLeaks recieved docs from U.S.-Collateral Murder video,Aphgan War Diaries,Iraq warlogs,U.S.Embassy cables. #assange!/AssangeC/status/176649596418797568

Read More in Press Relases Board here:,9084.0.html
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