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Idea to raise funds for WikiLeaks...
« on: March 01, 2012, 08:58:20 AM »
(Shit.. I typed out a long post but it seems to have been lost after a faulty submission to the forum by my browser. I will do my best to coherently recall the points and ideas.)

I sense that while many may not understand what bitcoins even are, much less how to use them, and don't have that much old-fashioned currency to spare (like myself) they would love to have an easy way to support WL.  Some time ago, a WL-related website called THING2THING claimed that a java applet embedded on it's homepage used the idle processing power of the visitors to the website's machines to generate bitcoins which would be donated to wikileaks.  There was no way to verify whether they were truly being donated or simply pocketed by the site's owner, and it has since been taken offline.  I have found the utility used by the site here: .

Now, it occurred to me that it would be wonderful if WikiLeaks implemented something like this on their own official website which supporters could simply visit and leave open on their computers overnight or while they worked on other things.  It would be important for the users to give consent and "opt in," but I think there are many supporters who would enthusiastically jump at the chance to lend support to one of their favorite activist organizations.  A page on the site explaining how to easily set as one's homepage on the various browsers and how the process works, that it's best visit and leave the page open on your computer over night, etc., would be good, too.  In addition, embedding the applet on some of the semi-official sister-sites such as this forum that are frequented by the more ardent and enthusiastic supporters would be a good move.

Unfortunately, however, the above implementation takes a cut of the earnings.  Maybe the company would be willing to waive the commission charge due to wikileaks' nonprofit nature.  But another downside remains.. the bloated java applet which is both a large download and a pain to install.  Moreover, the shady warnings of "unsigned" applets and out-of-date NPAPI plugins triggered by visiting the WikiLeaks site could contribute to the image of WL as an illegitimate, "hacker" organization in the minds of the ignorant.  Luckily, I have found this MIT-licensed, pure-JS client-side generator.  I wonder if somebody can hack it to automatically send generated funds to WL's address, or better yet send individual calculations' results to a central meta-miner on a WL server which pools them all together to accelerate the mining process.  Ideally this would all happen behind the scenes so that all the user has to think about is "Your machine is currently using its processing power to generate digital currency for WikiLeaks.  Thank you for your support."  Finally, in my research I have stumbled upon the fact that without pooling efforts it can take upwards of two whole years to uncover a single block of 250 bitcoins.  I wonder if this can be hacked to be made feasible and worth the efforts of implementation for wikileaks.
More info available in the forum post.  I'm going to bed now but if somebody else would like to reach out to the creator of this bitaddress utility through the forum to see if the necessary hacks are practical or if he would be willing to help out with the work on them, I think that would be great.

I'm thinking it would be cool for someone with the technical know-how were to make this work before getting the attention of official WL staffers and donating it to them to simply paste into their site's code.

I don't know if the technical side can be made to work out in a useful way for wikileaks but this was an idea that crossed my mind.  I would very much appreciate somebody weighing in on it with a deeper understanding of the workings of the tech.

Peace, Thanks, + Long Live WikiLeaks!