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Arrests Crackdown on politically inspired „Hacktivists -- LulzSec" affiliated with Anonymous
Uploaded by Sundrumify on 7 Mar 2012

Further informations about topics addressed are available in play lists on this channel and complementary video responses. Published with the permission of " - New arrests have been made in the crackdown on a loose, large network of politically inspired "hacktivists." On Tuesday, four men in Britain and Ireland were charged with computer crimes; a fifth man was arrested Monday in Chicago. They were part of a group called "LulzSec" affiliated with Anonymous, which has taken credit for a number of cyber-raids against corporations, political parties and governments. In a shocking revelation, the hacktivists may have been turned in by none other than the group's own leader. Lulzsec's chief hacker was a 28-year-old now identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known by his alias "Sabu." Apparently, Monsegur was caught last summer and -- according to the FBI -- has been working as an informant ever since. He allegedly directed fellow hackers from his public housing project in New York while turning around and feeding federal investigators enough incriminating evidence to build a case against his cyber-comrades. According to The Guardian, Monsegur may have also provided an FBI-owned computer to facilitate the release of five million emails taken from the private intelligence firm Stratfor and which are now being published by WikiLeaks. This suggests the FBI has insight into the internal discussions between Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and the hacking group Anonymous. Although no motives have been confirmed, some believe this is part of a larger strategy to build a case against Julian Assange. An internal email from Stratfor recently revealed that the U.S. Department of Justice has already obtained a sealed indictment against Assange. We're joined by Gregg Housh, a former Anonymous cyber-activist who remains is in touch with members; and Gabriella Coleman, a leading authority on digital media, hackers and the law.

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