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Stratfor: Stanishev negotiating with Russia for NPP "Minister of the mafia"

Bivola of Sunday, March 25, 2012 11:46

President of European Socialists Sergey Stanishev and "Minister of organized crime" Yuri Luzhkov at the congress of United Russia party in St. Petersburg in November 2009 (Photo).

Prosecutor General of Russia - Yuri Chaika, who is the source of the U.S. spy firm Stratfor, lifted the veil over the strange visit of Stanishev in Moscow on 27 April 2009, when President Medvedev postponed by one day meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister without giving reasons.

In the official press release for the visit wrote that on this day Stanishev will wipe away national exhibition of Bulgaria in Russia and will meet with President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Yuri Chaika, who is designated by code RU101, however, reported that because of the postponed meeting Stanishev had a rare opportunity to meet some "unusual Russians," which held "exciting conversations."

Unusual Luzhkov and Russians were "his people". They conducted a Stanishev "nice discussion, if you know what I mean" - says Chaika. Of course, Russia was not only "needles and fire, and waving a carrot in front of Stanishev and 5 billion loan. - He stated.

According to Chaika there would be agreement on South Stream before the end of May, but it was not as important as the deal Russia controls more than NPP (Nuclear Power Plant*).

Former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov is defined in the public Stratfor analysis as "Minister of organized crime," charged the Kremlin with the unusual "portfolio" to maintain contacts with the Mafia.

According to the Stratfor analysis of Russian organized crime is "an integrated arm of state power in Russia."

From Bivola sought for comment former Prime Minister and current President of the PES to say whether there were meetings with "unusual Russians" outside the formal part of the visit to Moscow and discussed it with "Minister of organized crime" Yuri Luzhkov, Russian energy projects, but received no feedback.

Stratfor previous correspondence consists of more than 5.5 million e-mails and covers the time interval from 2004 to 2011, Bulgaria was mentioned in text 36,840, and the name of Sergey Stanishev meets in about 500 papers. Bivola Wikileaks is a partner of publications based on these documents.

INSIGHT - RUSSIA/BULGARIA - Stanishev's "visit"

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ATTRIBUTION: Stratfor sources in the Kremlin
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: One of the top within the Kremlin circle

Here are the answers I was told to your questions.

Stanishev arrived Monday though his talks with Medvedev and Putin were
postponed. This gave him a rare chance to speak with some unusual Russians

Talks with Stanishev were exciting and we know he will be motivated to
change his attitude in the future. He had a sitdown with now only Medvedev
and Putin finally on Tues, but a nice chat with Luzhkov and his people on
Monday-if you get my drift. Of course, Russia wasn't all needles and fire,
but gave some sweets to Bulgaria too with a loan of $5b now being dangled
in front of Stanishev.

There will most likely be a deal on SouthStream by the end of the May, but
in all honesty that doesn't matter as much as a deal on Russia controlling
more of Belene.
Lauren Goodrich
Director of Analysis
Senior Eurasia Analyst
T: 512.744.4311
F: 512.744.4334

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PM Borisov: Putin Will Learn Bulgaria's Position on Belene NPP Monday
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PM Borisov: Putin Will Learn Bulgaria's Position on Belene NPP Monday

Energy | March 25, 2012, Sunday| 309 views

Bulgaria began the construction of NPP "Belene" as early as the 80s, but with the collapse of the socialist system the project had been frozen since the beginning of the 90s. Photo by BGNES

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov will have a phone call Monday with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to finalize the fate of long-delayed joint energy project Belene NPP.

This was revealed by Borisov during an interview with Bulgarian TV channel TV7 Sunday. The Bulgarian PM said that he is set to talk with Putin at 10.30 am EET.

"I have a scheduled phone call with Russian President Putin to let him know of our decision about Belene NPP, so that he won't have to learn it from media," said the Bulgarian PM.

Borisov declined to answer the journalist's question about what Borisov's position on the project is going to be - whether Bulgaria will give it up or press forward.

He preferred to refer to what has been his position on the project in the past.

"Regarding the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline I had said - it is not economically efficient, it is environmentally hazardous, so we will terminate it. And we left," recalled Borisov.

"Similarly, regarding Belene NPP I have said - if we do not find a major European or American investor to diversify this project, I shall not continue it," added he.

According to Borisov, former Bulgarian PM Sergey Stanishev and President Georgi Parvanov have intentionally protracting the project.

"Both Parvanov and Stanishev have to admit that they have their responsibility for the fate of this project. They did not finalize its price; they did not make it irreversible," said the Bulgarian PM.

At the same time, Borisov said that the South Stream natural gas pipeline, another joint project with Russia, is highly profitable for Bulgaria and a real way to make natural gas cheaper.

He added that Bulgaria highly values both Russia's and America's interests, but has to put its own national interest first.

"We have strong political and military ties with the West, and we have strong historic and cultural ties with Russia - both parties need to know that," reflected Borisov.

Just this week, Russian company Atomstroyexport expressed exasperation at the protracted desicion making process on Belene in Bulgaria, but offered another contract extension.

Bulgaria has said it will not go ahead with the Belene NPP before a positive economic assesment by project consultant HSBC.

The Belene drama flared fresh during the week, after Boyko Borisov had said he had sent Bulgaria's Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and Energy Minister Traicho Traikov to Moscow early February to make clear Bulgaria gives up the NPP.

Meanwhile, earlier in March Boyko Borisov asked Minister Traikov to resign over as yet uncleared worries with his work. Traikov's resignation was passed in Parliament his week.


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Belene Nuclear Power Plant Canceled, Bulgarian PM Confirms
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2012, 15:09:02 PM »
Belene Nuclear Power Plant Canceled, Bulgarian PM Confirms

March 28, 2012, Wednesday

Bulgaria has quit the Belene Nuclear Power Plant project, the country's Prime Minister has confirmed.

"During today's Council of Ministers Sitting, we decided to terminate the Belene Nuclear Power Plant project," Borisov told reporters. He added that Bulgaria will pay a further EUR 140 M in order to acquire the reactor initially intended for Belene that is to be completely ready in October.

The reactor will be placed in Bulgaria's sole nuclear power plant, Kozloduy. Borisov pointed out that the country would have had to pay approximately EUR 10 B for the construction of Belene.

"We cannot afford to pay for it, and there is no way we can make future generations pay," the Prime Minister declared. He further reminded of the potential risk the project would have posed, as the nuclear power plant was to be built in a seismically active region.

On Thursday, Bulgaria's newly appointed Economy and Energy Minister Delyan Dobrev will travel to Moscow in order to inform Russia of his country's decision to scrap the Belene NPP project.

A natural gas power plant will be built in the Danube town of Belene instead.


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Russia to Grant Surprising Discount on Natural Gas Prices for Bulgaria
« Reply #3 on: March 31, 2012, 09:32:37 AM »
Russia to Grant Surprising Discount on Natural Gas Prices for Bulgaria

Energy | March 30, 2012, Friday| 405 views

Russia will grant a discount of around 11% on natural gas prices from April 1, according to preliminary reports of Gazprom cited by Energy and Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev.

Bulgaria currently pays USD 600 per 1000 cubic meters, which will be reduced to USD 534 per 1000 cu m from April, according to preliminary data.

The discount will be valid for the next nine months.

The news came out after Friday's meeting in Moscow between the Bulgarian Energy Minister, his Russian counterpart Sergey Shmatko and Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller.

In the course of Friday's talks, Gazprom expressed interest in the construction of a natural gas power plant in Belene, following the suspension of the project for building a nuclear power plant on the site.

The Russian energy giant vowed to study the opportunities for its participation in the gas power plant scheme.

As regards the Belene NPP project, Bulgaria undertook a commitment to pay everything that had already been prepared, with the exact sum to be specified in April, the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported.

Russia also said it would take part in the activities surrounding the transformation of the two units earmarked for the Belene NPP project into one reactor that would be mounted at the Kozloduy NPP.

The issue of Bulgaria having to pay penalties for its withdrawal from the Belene NPP project was not brought up during the talks.


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Clinton Congratulates Bulgaria on Quitting Belene N-Project
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Clinton Congratulates Bulgaria on Quitting Belene N-Project

Energy | April 1, 2012, Sunday| 292 views
Bulgaria: Clinton Congratulates Bulgaria on Quitting Belene N-Project

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has congratulated Bulgaria on scrapping plans to build the 2,000 megawatt Belene nuclear power plant on the Danube River.

Hillary Clinton welcomed the decision of the Bulgarian government at a bilateral meeting with Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov in the framework of "The Second Conference of the Group of the Syrian People' summit in Istanbul, Turkey.

Clinton said she is well aware how tough this decision has been to take.

The statement is sure to fuel the wrath of Bulgaria's Socialists, who argue that the decision to scrap plans to build Belene nuclear power plant is a catastrophic mistake, taken under US pressure.

Bulgaria's government announced on Wednesday it has abandoned plans to build a new, 2000 megawatt nuclear power plant on the Danube River for which it has contracted Russian state firm Atomstroyexport.

The government has proposed that a gas-powered plant is built on the site in Belene.

Environmentalists had opposed the plant, which had first been proposed when Bulgaria was under communist rule.

Originally two reactors were to have been built for the site by Russian company Atomstroyexport, and one of them has already been constructed.

The Bulgarian government has proposed that it is installed at the country's sole nuclear power plant of Kozloduy.